Avon Protection CTCF50 Riot Filter (Single)

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72606-3 Single

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■ Conformal shape providing low profile
■ Unique Humidity Indicator
■ 5.5 year shelf life
■ Protection against CS, CN and OC riot agents

The Avon CTCF50 Filter is a low profile combination filter
containing a pleated high-efficiency filter element for removal
of aerosols, particulate matter, smoke, fumes and a carbon bed
for the removal of vapors that may be released from trapped
particles. It is specifically designed for removal of riot control
agents and tear gases including CS, CN and OC pepper spray.

    The Avon CTCF50 meets the relevant criteria specified by
    NIOSH 42CFR84 for effectiveness in the removal of CS/CN
    agents in aerosol and vapor form.
    The filtering capacity for particles of 0.3 micron diameter is
    greater than 99.97%. Provides 24 hours of protection from
    continuous exposure to CS, CN, and OC. A particulate filter
    element exceeding the requirements of NIOSH 42CFR84 P100
    and EN 14387 (P3), level is incorporated, ensuring effective
    performance against dusts, mists, fumes, and biological agents
    (bacteria, virus, fungal spores etc), and radioactive dusts.
    Construction Materials
    The canister body is made of a modified polyphenylene
    ether-polystyrene blend (PPE&PS), which is a high quality
    engineering construction polymer. It provides a very robust
    product which is extremely durable against shock and impact
    in operational use. The canister body is black in color and has a
    matte finish to reduce reflection.
  • The high efficiency filter element is made of PTFE, PET/PE.
  • The CTCF50 is entirely non-ferrous and non-magnetic.


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