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Gives Convenient, Secure, Ready-Access Storage Of 30-Rd Mags


Handy storage rack easily mounts to wall or inside of gun safe door to store organize six 30-round AR-15 mags, while maintaining ready access to them. Helps you get rid of the clutter of mags in drawers, at the bottom of your safe, and other locations where they can get dirty or suffer feed lip damage. Magazines securely snap in/out of the Magholder, which keeps them from bumping into each other and causing accidental damage. Works for both metal GI-style mags or polymers like the Magpul® PMAG®. Optional

Neodymium Magnet Kit attaches to the Magholder and lets you mount it directly to a steel safe door, inside of a metal locker - any steel object where drilling holes for screws would be difficult or impossible. Pak of 4 - these rare earth magnets really grab on and won't let go!


  • Securely Store and Organize Pistol Magazines and Ammo
  • Consumer Adjustable Dividers with 60 adjustment slots
  • Will accommodate loaded/unloaded mags, polymer or steel, single or double-stack
  • Ideal for most standard pistol magazines .22 thru .45 cal.
  • Magazine round count indicator windows are commonly visible