FNH 5.7x28 Ammunition

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Manufacturer: FNH USA, Inc SS197SR
Item: AMM-254
UPC: 818513003612

FNH USA 5.7x28mm SS197SR ammunition with a 40 grain Hornady V-Max polymer tipped bullet, 2034 fps, 50 rounds per box.

FNH USA SS197SR ammunition is visibly different than other 5.7x28mm due to the "Blue Tipped Bullet".

Type: Sporting Round
Muzzle Velocity: 2034 fps
Muzzle energy: 256 ft/lbs

V-MAX Bullets
Hornady's V-MAX bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities.
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California - No Hi-Cap Mags without a Hi-Cap Mag Permit. No Defense/Clip Fed Shotguns. No Semi-Auto Rifles. No M-16 Bolts. Los Angeles, Sacramento, & San Francisco, CA - No Ammo without a FFL.
Connecticut - No Semi-Auto Rifles.
Hawaii - No Pistol Mags over 10rds.
Illinois - No Ammo without a FFL.
Maryland Now shipping Guns.
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New Jersey - No Hi-Cap Mags over 15rds without a FFL.
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Washington State - No M-16 Bolts.